Username : sunoolatte
Password : opshehe


i also go by nini or shinni !! any pronouns, taurus, enfp-t, ?teen, bisexual, multistan.

before you follow 🍨
i'm still a minor , i have groups that i don't stan, i do curse on my tweets, i always change my icon so bare w me, noisy on tl, i tweet a lot about enhypen and other stuff, i call “vebs or beh” my moots also TWICE, ENHYPEN, and SEVENTEEN are my mains.

azami julia rae raye lucky iya ashley kae aki zam hoax bnx gobi aya sev noah cza ezi mhiera kyree ysa nel sage


don't follow if 🍮
toxic, immature, u don't fit byf criteria, homophobic, misogynistic, racist etc, u're into nsfw contents, and doesn't have pronouns/info abt ur self on ur profile, 20+ unless i follow first, anti any of my faves, akgae

yay - foods, music, stationary, phone cases, cakes
nay- bitter foods, crowded palces, nosy person

kenzo, kendric, kylie, lyana, macs, gigi, isha, isla, briana, elia, xavi, mahi, gen, sab, allysa, xavier, eun, chi, mushroom's, gel, xav, xavier, rie, doms, mike, ejay


en- sunoo
twice tzuyu
svt mingyu
g-idle miyeon
itzy yuna
xdinary h gaon

kpop twice ehypen svt txt stayc rv itzy skz aespa got7 xdinary h! ive iz*one lesserafim mamamoo somi viviz kep1er stayc fromis9 miss a